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FOX News
Feb 19, 2013 12:00am PST
religions to help them schedule exams and other student activities. it includes things like chinese new year and mainstream holidays like christmas, hanukkah and channing-tatum's birthday. while not taken seriously the school hasn't received complaints about it and many have found it, quote, useful and informational. we track down a typical wiccan ceremony. >> we are getting letters from wiccans now. is this a big deal or a huge deal? >> i am totally in favor of this. we have all admitted that college is a waste of time. it costs a lot of money, and you are there and learning 3w* sexual liberation and canadian fiction, and you are bankrupting yourself doing it. you may get more from lighting candles. it may be more beneficial in the long run. >>> immogen, the american identification survey showed roughly 700,000 americans say they are wiccan or neo pagan. why not include their holidays in a guide? >> that and let's face it. a lot of these holidays were matched up to holidays that already exist. christianity took their holidays from pagan sigh m -- pay begannism. that's how it began. easter c
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm EST
given to sexual orientation, race, religion, age, sex, marital status. it is time for the general assembly to act. >> it is long overdue. we should not allow discrimination. >> according to the capital, they are heading to the general assembly. >> a new report names maryland as one of the area's most vulnerable to sequestration cuts. maryland, virginia, and washington could feel the most pain from the cuts set to take place march 1 unless congress can reach a deal. unfortunately, there is not much movement toward a bipartisan deal to prevent a spending cuts. washington lawmakers are in recess. congress will return on monday, leaving them just days to agree to an alternative plan, which strategists saying lawmakers are working towards a deal even while they are away. >> if you or a parent or loved one receives social security benefits, changes are coming. the government is limiting its paper checks. social security benefits will only get payments through direct deposit or through a direct debit card now accounts. they are strongly urging them to get their money through direct depos
Feb 18, 2013 11:30pm PST
orientation, race, culture, religion, class, and every part of ones self that people bring to our organization and community so we have several programs that i will mention briefly, and i forgot we actually have a powerpoint so maybe i will turn to that for a moment. will that come up on the screen? >> yes they will bring it up. >> there it is. thank you. so we have a picture here of the regtively new logo on top. for folks that can't see it -- how do i describe the logo? it's a black wheel with red inside and the mix of colors and energy and we have action in italics because that's the focus, and so the picture we have below is an action we did just this wednesday with the valentine a day eve action. this is the health care action team or hat so they have a yellow hard hats to go along with the action team and we see a group of people on the steps of city hall and what they're doing is practicing singing. we had several songs about how important it is for people with disabilities and seniors to have a home in san francisco, and that means having housing and health care and home care, a
Feb 19, 2013 7:00am PST
that leads by the catholic religion. >> i disaree. i think it's for the gooed for all masses. he wants to be fully functional to all. if he can't conform to the duties of the pope then he should step aside. >> i want to understand what catholicism means to you personally. >> you live it. it's not just i believe this and i'm going to sit there in the corner. >> sometimes the dogmas are just a little too strict for me. i do believe in compassion but i think, you know, i'm a little more open with choice. i think, you know, a woman's right to choose. >> i don't believe in abortion. however, in this society now, i'm just not going to tell somebody else you can't do it you know. and that kind of puts you at odds with your own belief. but in this society, you have to be more or less politically correct. >> society has evolved. the catholic religion has not. >> when you go to pc you don't have a conversation like this. i mean it's crazy. i can't say, gee, i love christ you know, because somebody may be muslim. wait a minute i have friends who a muslim. we talk about things. i
FOX Business
Feb 18, 2013 8:00pm EST
, it is more of a religion, we need to have an o objective discussion n that,. neil: caroline this begs a question to the 68 som 68 odd wt on the climate change. >> it has gone to a variety of programs but not enough. neil: that not enough? >> we're talking about catastrophic, what we're experiencing right now. neil: where has that money gone to? >> for breaks for clean energy, and local programs for transportation, all of which cut down on our addiction to fossil fuel, 2010, 11, and 12 have been hottest years on record. >> what? >> superstorm sandy and other superstorms have doubled in last 15 years. neil: i read a prompter on tv, i think that qualified me as an expert. if this proves to be coldest winter, it is not done yet, in 20 something odd years, does that jive with warmest global temperatures in the last 3 years? can you spill have your environmental cake and eat it too. >> absolutely. we're talking about difference between weather and climate, it is not going to be cold. >> no matter the weather it is climate change. neil: i love you, but you cannot win. >> neil let me answer.
Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
of religion, but on the basis of humanity because we believe we're all human beings and we are muslims, christians, hindus. today we have christians, bishops, pastors, muslims, hindus and s ikhs as a symbol of our unity, assemble people of pakistan belonged to one family. >> in his release soldier has ignited controversy after posting a photograph to a social networking site that appears to show a palestinian boy in the cross hairs of a sniper rifle. mor ostrovski, a sniper in the military of israel, posted the photo to his instagram site. it shows a palestinian boy facing away from the camera with a gun cross hairs focused on the side of his head. the israeli military says it is investigating. in britain, journalists with the bbc walked off the job monday in a 24-hour strike against job cuts, temporarily canceling many of the broadcaster's shows. protesting workers launched picket lines outside bbc studios across the country. the national union of journalists says some 2000 jobs are at stake. another labor action is underway in spain where workers at the airline iberia have launched a
Feb 18, 2013 8:30pm EST
was also interested in spreading religion and stuff, primarily it was about spices. why were spice is so valuable that it? well, it wasn't just that food was terrible in europe at the time. and it was. but each new exotic spice was thought to have certain properties. it might make you feel a bit more brandy, passionate but this? each of these new spices were kind of the viagra of the day. all right? so that is one of the reasons why this became so valuable. so after the conquest and colonization, the fed made a fortune exporting drugs back to europe. i drugs i mean sugar and many people consider a drug, it's where we get rum from. definitely drug, coffee, tobacco, and of course aphrodisiacs spices. so these things became the developmental engine for hemispheric development. think about where we are today, washington dc, virginia, maryland, these were all drugs back in that time. a lot of these drugs were introduced back to europe and people look at them with revulsion. tobacco, why would you put fire and smoke into your mouth. coffee was a death penalty offense in many states for many re
FOX News
Feb 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
religion and not the other and they're pretty gutless and-- >> they're gutless cowards, you're absolutely right and we've got a trail of evidence proving that point. >> you guys are pretending it's so easy to be a muslim in this country and the christians so-- >> wait a minute, i would expect that if there is a comedy show, everything is fair game which i would be fine with, it's not fair game and first, they know they can get away with it. >> they've gone after muslim in the past going back to our friend dennis miller going after cat stevens when he converted in the 1980's, and i'm being followed by a big muslim to the tune of-- >> remember cat stevens and he was at jon stewart's rally for quote, insanity. and here is a guy, here is a guy-- >> thises '80s, sean, if you're offended, change the channel you've got to lighten up. >> sean: i don't think that nbc would do it. >> they have in the past. >> sean: no, they have not. >> i just gave you an example. >> sean: it's not relevant. >> it's not relevant? come on. >> sean: an example. >> give me another one. >> sean: four americans died sep
Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm EST
we are trying to go curious to me by a freelance religion writer and one thing i've noticed in doing a lot of the reporting is what i call the equivalencies where they will put out usually someone from the right based on the fact they are a colorful character interesting without any examination whatsoever of the claims and the funding streams and the data cited and so forth and as presenting an article on youtube is a photograph and a video clip of someone saying something that is inaccurate that is unchallenged and i wonder moving forward what you intend the thoughts on that. >> i think it plays into what i was saying earlier having the assessments in the journalism and not just saying she said this and she said that that actually saying this is what they both said and here's another data points and what should actually be the case. >> - dylan and i mustered into the college. i have a question on the digital landscape. clearly today we've got about connecting in meaningful ways. i'm a composer here at harvard and i'm curious if any point along when you thought about creating for col
Feb 18, 2013 11:00pm PST
familia. >> confirmaron que su religion e es la santeria, pero no quisi o quisieron hablar de la in investigaciÓn >> huesos de animales, un crÁneo de un chivo, huesos de unos p l pollos >> los restos encontrados estÁn siendo analizados en la oficina del medico forense, pero no se determina la edad, sexo o a q e quien pertenecen >> las autoridades dicen que la investigaciÓn no es la religion, sino la procedencia de los re restos humanos >> en el salvador encontraron e restos de 3 estudiantes de en r enfermerias encontradas desde c octubre, estaba en el patio de la casa de un pandillero, los otros 3 2 cuerpos en una carr a carretera, lse cree que mantenin relaciones sentimentales con pandilleros >> fanaticos de 2 equipos arch v archirivales se dieron juntos, l los hinchas contrdel equipo pera emprendieron contra el que gano. >> despuÉs de la conmociÓn de un meteorito en rusia que dejo mÁs de 1000 heridos, otro meteorito cruzo en el sur de la florida, e estas imageÁgenes muestran al o meteorito en el cielo, caus'o a panico, pero esta vez no choco c contra la tierra >
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)